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mental health philosophy The 40/20 Collective

Our Philosophy

The 40/20 Collective is a collaborative team of mental health care providers in Colorado working to serve individuals with a variety of mental health needs. Our team members consist of Therapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. Together, we complement one another to provide personalized and comprehensive care to each client.

We support:

  • Telepsychiatry that makes mental health care accessible to everyone. 

  • Therapy and treatment programs that address the root cause of addiction and mental health disorders. 

  • Integrative psychiatry that incorporates holistic and functional medicine.

We Believe: ​

When patients come first, care never comes second. No matter your reason for visiting, we will provide client-focused and comprehensive care. Find out more about our providers and let us take care of you.  

Our Founding Mission: 

40% of individuals with a mental health disorder have a co-occurring substance use disorder that might be going untreated. And 20% of individuals with a primary substance use disorder having co-occuring mental illness. Here at The 40/20 Collective we want to support you in treating and managing both. At the 40/20 Collective, we provide conventional and holistic, compassionate care to clients with a wide variety of mental health symptoms and co-occurring substance use disorders. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with unmanageable moods, anxiety, depression, or addiction, we are here to help! 

The first step to healing from unbearable mental health symptoms or addiction is by connecting with those who care. When people find that they are not alone and no longer have to fight on their own, their lives become open to a world of possibilities.

Reach out today for a consultation:

Call or Text 720-594-5556


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